The Myth of Free Love Spells

Myth of Free Spells

Myth of Free Spells

We often get asked if we can recommend a free love spell. The short answer is no. Here’s why…

We spent years developing our Instant Love Spell, so we know first hand just how much work is involved in getting a spell ready to be used by the general public.

Our development costs for our spell ran into many thousands of dollars. Then once we started selling our spell, we had to make sure we were available to offer support to our customers. Time spent doing that is time we’re not working.

So our spell costs money because we need to recover our development costs, and we need to pay for our time (we need to eat too!

So you see, it would be almost impossible for anyone to develop a genuine spell, then simply give it away for free.

In that case, what are all these free spells you see on slightly suspect looking websites? In fact they are just simple made-up incantations that have no power whatsoever.

The reason these so-called free spells exist is simple – they get people to look at the web page they’re on, and some of those people will click on the ads on those pages, and that means the person who created the fake free love spell, gets paid.

As you can see then, not only do “free love spells” not work, they’re not really “free” at all.

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