Love Spells on eBay

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of “love spells” turning up on eBay. I put love spells in quotes, because they are spells in name only. Certainly they are not worthy of the name. Put simply, they don’t work.

Robin and I pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse of the spell world. We make a point of trying anything new that comes along. We’re a bit like the Consumer Reports of the spell world – we get everything that comes out, take it apart and examine it, and see how it works – or not.

In the case of these eBay spells, we couldn’t take them apart because actually when you order one, nothing is delivered to you! The seller claims they will cast a spell. Now over the years, our own spell development has allowed us to come up with foolproof ways of testing other peoples spells. So we ordered a few of these ebay love spells, and set about monitoring the results.

As you can probably guess, there weren’t any. I don’t just mean that they cast a spell but it didn’t work, I mean there was nothing – they didn’t cast anything at all.

Of course, we put this to the sellers, and they came back with the response that sadly is all too common among spell scammers – they told us that our case was “difficult” and that they needed more money to complete the spell.

So our advice on eBay spells is this: Steer well clear. Don’t buy them, they don’t work. Worse, what you pay up front will only be a small part of your overall costs, they’ll try and get more money out of you.

We also noted fake feedback left for some of the spells. It’s not difficult to trace fake feedback on ebay, sadly it’s very common.

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